Your Car Is Your Canvas: Car Mods for Your Car


HOOK: If you’re looking to get your vehicle whipped up and pimped out, look no further. These trouble-free mods will make your next ride all the more fun and comfortable.

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With a vast selection of parts available in the market these days, pimping your ride has never been easier. These days, it’s all about making simple, bang-for-the-buck efforts to make your next trip the best it’s ever been.

The original pieces that came with your car may have served you well for many drives throughout the years, and perhaps they need a little bit of dusting up—or maybe a complete overhaul. Indulge your inner car designer with these easy-to-do car modifications:

5 DIY Car Mods That Are Worth Your Time

1. Seats

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Driving takes a toll on the body, and if you’ve been on the road for long enough, you’ll know how much of a pay-off it is to invest in quality car seats. Comfort is supreme. To the extent you can, consider seats with good upholstery and choice materials.

2. Interior

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While not everyone will want to strip down their interior in favor of a lighter car, the ease of driving and much more legroom can prove to be promising. A collapsible center console can mean the difference between cramped and comfortable. In today’s age of making the most out of every square inch, minimalism offers a vital lesson: Simplicity is key.

3. Plastics

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Changing up your grilles and bumpers are one of those high-impact modifications one could make to both function and aesthetic. Slatted grilles, for example, make for a dated and classier look while a honeycomb pattern hearkens to a more modern era. If you’re aiming to make subtler changes, front splitters are an option, too.

4. Suspension

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While “stancing” a car isn’t necessarily one of the more accessible mods to make, it also one of the most impactful. If you’re looking to park your vehicle mostly in car shows, you might consider having your wheels aggressively fitted, and your car lowered to look cool.

5. Wheels

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Tires are crucial to your car’s overall performance, if not merely your side profile. Slapping on snow tires for the winter can mean the difference between safety and hazard. For aesthetic purposes, consider tires to fill the wheel arches that will provide for an aggressive and hunkered look.

Bonus Mod

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The single most efficient and cheapest mod you can make to your car’s performance is you. While your car can come equipped with all the latest and greatest features of what automakers have to offer, how you drive will mean all the difference to how your car actually performs.

Once you’ve fully attuned to all the nuts and bolts of your car and after having made your ideal modifications, all that’s left to improve upon is your skill as a driver. There are plenty of resources on the internet and elsewhere that aren’t locked behind a paywall to make for better


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