Why People Keep Up With the Kardashians


Hook: No other television reality show has ever gained the level of fame these women have based solely on being themselves.

Every fan of the reality television show has heard all the judgments hurled at them. It’s not really surprising that the show has been called trashy and mind-numbing. It’s just a show based on how these women fight, makeup, and handle all kinds of issues.

What was surprising was the massive popularity it eventually gained, turning each member of the family into a star. Everything they seem to touch suddenly seems to turn to gold, and they’re all rolling in big bucks with Kylie Jenner even topping the Forbes’ list of the youngest billionaires.

What makes this show such a big hit? Maybe because these women are powerhouses and they’re the best guilty television pleasure.

They Are Their Own Brand

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These days you see the Kardashian and Jenner sisters modeling, holding appearances, having spinoff shows of their own, and coming up with their clothing and makeup lines. But the show had some humble beginnings.

The show began with them living in a small house with tacky décor. The only thing that made people focus on them and pay attention was not Kris Jenner being married to OJ Simpson’s lawyer. Kim Kardashian’s infamous sex tape brought attention to her and the family and made them America’s new guilty pleasure watch.

What made the show quite interesting was that it actually chronicled their rise to the top and their millions. Who wouldn’t want to watch a family do that and in the public eye every step of the way?

They Aren’t Afraid To Be Themselves

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People have watched each episode with family member spats, quarrels, personal issues, marriages, and divorces. Through all the ridiculousness, drama, and overdramatic reactions, the Kardashians have shown their true selves, and you can quickly pinpoint each one’s characteristics and unique personalities.

Whether in front of the camera and in private, these women have shown their true selves and were not (shocker here) ashamed of it.

They Are Strong Women

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Each one in the Kardashian-Jenner family is a powerhouse on her own. That includes Bruce Jenner, who also became a woman on her own terms.

Spinoff shows, and numerous business ventures show just that as each one made her own money despite what anyone thought.

You’ve seen all the curveballs life has thrown at them and witnessed every heartache and loss. You’ve also seen how they got back on their feet and kept going despite the embarrassment and tears.

From Khloe’s Lamar Odom crisis to Kourtney’s 11-year battle with Disick’s alcoholism and partying, the entire made one entertaining show and study on society, fame, and fortune.

They Have Millions of Followers


Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, these women have thousands, if not millions, of followers who wait for any post like birds waiting for that crumb. On Snapchat, you can even follow their daily workouts and dream of looking as good as they do.

Their House Décor Are To Die For

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Just like any rich and famous person, the women enjoy and live their lives in their massive mansions with design and décor to die for.

Who wouldn’t want to get a peek of Khloe’s lounge area by the pool and patio area? Who can’t help but envy Kourtney’s fire pit beside the pool that always keeps a fire burning? It comes as no surprise that these two women’s houses have even been featured on the “Architectural Digest.”

Taking a look at their houses gives you a taste of the lavish lifestyle you dream of knowing that the people who live there are as human as you.


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