What is Engine Knocking and How Do You Fix It?


If your car is functioning normally, the sound that the engine will produce would be a smooth one. However, if you start hearing a different sound coming from your engine, it could be a sign that there’s something wrong with it. It is important to note that you shouldn’t ignore this symptom as it may be a sign of engine knocking. 

Why Engine Knocking Happens

Engine knocking is when there’s a detonation within the internal combustion engines. This occurs when there are a number of air pockets that mix with the fuel. These explosions take place outside of the car’s combustion front. In normal circumstances, the spark plug is supposed to be the one to ignite it. 

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When the detonations happen, they create oscillations of high-frequency pressure inside the car’s cylinders. These produce metallic noises that are more commonly known as knocks. Engine knocking usually happens to cars in warmer climates. Oftentimes, the car is installed with an aftermarket water injection system to suppress the detonations. 

The frequency of engine knocking happening to your car is going to depend on what kind of engine your vehicle has. For example, in diesel engines, it is impossible to eliminate engine knocking completely. This is because both the pressure and temperature in diesel engines increase really fast, producing the knocks. 

Preventing Engine Knocking

One of the best ways to prevent your car from having issues with engine knocking is proper care and maintenance. Premature detonations happen only when the air and gas mixture ratio is not balanced. Here are the steps on how you can fix engine knocking in your car. 

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Cleaning Carbon Deposits

Fuel combustion reduces the efficiency of the car’s engine. This is because of the accumulated carbon molecules in the combustion chamber. See to it that your car’s engine gets a good cleaning so that there are no carbon deposits on the pistons. Remember that these deposits on the piston cause the imbalance of air and gas mixture, and cause engine knocking. 

Using the Right Fuel

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There’s a difference between high-octane and low-octane fuels. Low octane fuels burn faster compared to high-octane fuels. It even burns much faster in an environment with high pressure. Low-octane fuels are more likely to cause detonations which in turn, prevent the normal functioning of the cylinders. 

Check the recommended fuel by your car manufacturer. Using a low-octane fuel can be harmful to the engine of your car. Most modern vehicles need fuel with an 87-octane rating. Remember to check if you’re putting the right fuel in your car before filling up the gas tank. 

Balancing the Mixture of Air and Fuel

One of the reasons why engine knocking happens is when the fuel injectors malfunction. You’ll know if this is the case with your vehicle if you have trouble during acceleration. Get worn-out gaskets repaired and check vacuum lines for leaks. Do let a professional do this task to ensure that it will be done properly. 

Ask the auto mechanic to clean the dirt in the fuel injector as well as unclog the carb jets. This will stop the engine knocking if the problem is indeed an imbalance in the air and fuel mixture. Remember that you also have the option to replace the fuel injector so that you can prevent engine knocking from creating further damage to your vehicle’s engine. 


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