The Best Mid-sized Sedans of 2020


Hook: You might be someone on the market for a decent-sized car with enough power and speed to keep you happy. Well, you just might find what you’re looking for on this list.

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Some people want power, and they turn to SUVs. Others want speed, and they turn to hypercars. Well, what if you are someone looking for a mid-sized car with a decent amount of both speed and power? Well, you are in luck! It’s 2020, and there are new sedans on the market.

With today’s technology, car companies have come out with new and improved sedan models. New and improved means they were able to put both power and speed in a decent-sized and relatively affordable car.

If you are searching for the perfect one, you just might find your soulmate in the list below.

Best Mid-sized Sedans of 2020

1. 2020 Kia Stinger GT-Line

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Price: 33, 090 USD msrp

Engine: 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder


City: 22 miles per hour

Highway: 29 miles per hour

Combined: 25 miles per hour

Power and Torque: 255 horsepower at 6200 rpm and 260 pound-feet of torque a 1400 rpm

South Korean car company Kia is upping its game with the new Kia Stinger. It isn’t only fast, but its rough and classy design will make you feel like a cast in the Fast and Furious movie. This car will definitely make heads turn with its stylish exterior!

2. 2020 Buick Regal Sportback

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Price: 26, 295 USD msrp

Engine: 2.0-liter turbo turbocharged four-cylinder


City: 22 miles per hour

Highway: 32 miles per hour

Combined: 26 miles per hour

Power and Torque: 250 horsepower at 5400 rpm and 260 pound-feet of torque at 2000 rpm

With its spacious interior and wide trunk, there’s enough room for cargo and five people to sit comfortably. Aside from a roomy inside, the improved controlled steering removes the wobbliness of driving an old Buick Sedan, making for a smooth ride.

3. 2020 Ford Fusion S

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Price: 23, 170 USD msrp

Engine: 2.5-liter four-cylinder


City: 21 miles per hour

Highway: 31 miles per hour

Combined: 25 miles per hour

Power and Torque: 173 horsepower at 6000 rpm and 174 pound-feet of torque at 4500 rpm

Until to this day, the Ford Fusion is a crowd-favorite as it is a good-quality sedan. Thanks to its appealing interior and comfortable but exciting driving experience, this car is indeed a treat and a keeper. Also, anyone who will drive it will surely enjoy the experience even more because of the new and improved Sync 3 infotainment system.

4. 2020 Mazda 6 Sport

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Price: 24, 100 USD msrp

Engine: 2.5-liter four-cylinder


City: 26 miles per hour

Highway: 35 miles per hour

Combined: 29 miles per hour 

Power and Torque: 187 horsepower at 6000 rpm and 186 pound-feet of torque at 4000 rpm

It’s safe to say that the Mazda 6 is one of the most stylish cars out there. Its elegant design is enough to make anyone want it. Moreover, the Mazda 6 has proved it is more than just a pretty sight. The tight handling, accurate steering, and quick transmission response are what put the car on this list.

5. 2020 Honda Accord

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Price: 24, 020 USD msrp

Engine: 1.5-liter four-cylinder


City: 30 miles per hour

  Highway: 38 miles per hour

 Combined: 33 miles per hour

Power and Torque: 192 horsepower at 55000 rpm and 192 pound-feet of torque at 16000 rpm

With the Honda Accord, you get power but don’t lose fuel-efficiency. In addition to that, its updated infotainment system not only makes the drive more enjoyable but easier and safer. It also comes with safety features such as adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking.


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