Symptoms and Causes of Car Misfire


It can be annoying when your car misfires. Not only does it give off an awful noise, but it also won’t be able to drive smoothly. What you should know about car misfires is that it’s actually a sign that there’s something bad happening to your vehicle. And if you don’t take it to an auto mechanic soon, the condition of your car will only get worse. You’ll end up having to pay more for repairs if you don’t immediately take action. 

Car Misfire Symptoms

  • The “Check Engine” Light Turns On – If there’s a misfire in one of your car’s cylinders, it is going to trigger the “check engine” light. It’s one of the first signs that something’s going on in your vehicle and it should be checked. Many modern cars have this system that can detect if parts of your vehicle begin to work abnormally. 
  • Rough Idle – If you’re not noticing any misfires but the “check engine” light is on, observe if you’re car is doing a rough idle. During a misfire, the air and fuel mixture of your vehicle will have an imbalance. It can cause rough idling and the engine may even shut down. 
  • Slow to Accelerate – Since the misfires affect the air and fuel mixture of your car’s engine, it’s going to send the wrong information to many parts of your vehicle. One of these parts is the oxygen sensors found in the exhaust. The effect is that your car will be slow to accelerate. 

Causes of Misfires

  • Faulty Ignition Coil or Distributor – Check your car’s distributor and ignition coil. If you have an older car, this is usually the cause of the misfires. It’s possible that these parts have been corroded, damaged, or worn and that’s what’s causing the misfires. 
  • Spark Plug Isn’t Functioning Properly – This is another common cause of misfires. If it isn’t functioning right, there could be an excess in the fuel that’s being left in the vehicle’s cylinder. This, in turn, causes your car to misfire. Don’t worry if the spark plug is the problem because they’re affordable and it’s easy to change them. 
  • Fuel Pressure is Low – This happens when the cylinders are not getting the right amount of fuel. What happens is that the mixture will be too lean and consequently, a misfire happens. So, do check the fuel pressure regulator of your car if you’re experiencing car misfires. It could be misadjusted or faulty already. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the symptoms and causes of car misfires listed in this article will help you in knowing what’s wrong with your vehicle. If you cannot find the cause of why your car is misfiring, call an auto mechanic so that it can be checked thoroughly. Once the reason has been determined, get your car fixed so that its condition won’t get any worse. Having the car repaired early on will prevent you from having more trouble in the future and spending more money on other fixes. 


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