How to Spot a Car Thief


HOOK: There’s always danger lurking around the corner. Drive down the wrong path and you might just risk having your car stolen. Here’s a guide to spotting the signs of car theft.

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As responsible car owners, it is crucial to be equipped with knowledge related to cars, including car safety and security. Accurate situational assessment is important in determining whether or not you are genuinely in a scene of an accident or if horrible people are taking advantage of a terrible situation.

The situations below will help car owners get acquainted with some of the most common tricks that carjackers use to commit car theft. Here are four profiles of carjackers and how to avoid them.

4 Car Thief Stereotypes and How to Spot Them

1.The Professional Thief

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As with most jobs, the line between entry-level and professional is distinguished by experience in the field. Professional carjackers are known to meticulously study the different car makes, models, and types so they can carry out their evil scheme. They prefer more popular makes and models of vehicles because of their abundance.

Professional car thieves often form alliances with “chop shops” that dismantle car parts and sell the pieces individually. These types of car thieves have a trained eye and often operate under “steal to order” types of requests where they export cars or car parts abroad.

2. Stray “Hitchhikers”

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Not to be confused with the ghastly “phantom” hitchhikers, these types of carjackers can often be spotted on desolate roads and highways, usually in the late evening. They would act the part of damsels (or dames) in distress and try to hitchhike their way to stealing your car. If you happen to come upon sketchy people hailing for your vehicle in the dark, do not slow down or stop. Call 911 so authorities can verify and help them instead.

3. Fender Benders

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Fender benders take an aggressive approach to car theft by “accidentally” bumping into your car and startling you just enough so you step off your vehicle and inspect the damage while they drive off with your car. These carjackers are known to strike in desolate roads in the wee hours of the morning.

If you ever find yourself in this situation, get to the nearest busiest town before inspecting the damage, preferably a place with enough lighting and witnesses, or use your phone to call the authorities immediately.

4. Egg Throwers

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Carjackers are becoming more and more creative in ways to steal a car. Reports show that these carjackers would throw stones or eggs in your windshield or car windows in hopes of getting you to step down from your vehicle before stealing your car.

Once again, in situations like this and to the extent you can, drive to a more populated, brightly-lit location before checking the damage and immediately call the police.

Just In Case

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There are many ways criminals can take advantage of unsuspecting drivers. If you find yourself stuck in any of the above types of situations, remember to be vigilant, remain calm, and make sure to have emergency numbers ready to dial.


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