How to Properly Dispose of a Junk Vehicle


Do you have an old vehicle that is not roadworthy anymore? You may think that it no longer has worth but in fact, you can still make money out of your junk car. There are several ways that you can properly dispose of your old vehicle. The money you’ll get out of it will depend on the method of disposal that you’ve chosen and the condition of the vehicle. 

Dropping it Off at a Junkyard

You may choose to take your car to a junkyard. However, before doing so, you should have already done some research and compared prices. This way, when you take it to the junkyard, you already have a good deal. Preferably, you should also have made inquiries about the selling prices for your old car and have talked to someone over the phone or in person. 

One benefit of taking the car to the junkyard yourself is that you’ll be helping the junkyard from doing the task. It’s more likely that they will pay you more because of it. So, consider dropping off your junkyard and maybe get more money out of it. 


Selling the Car Yourself

You have the option of selling your own vehicle, too. For example, if it’s still in quite good condition, you may find someone who is willing to buy it. It’s also possible that you can trade your old car for another one that you want. 

Compared to selling your car at a junkyard, selling it yourself or trading it in can get you a higher payout. Make sure that the car is clean and do some minor repairs if necessary so that the car looks more presentable. It’s a way to get more people interested in buying it. 

Donating to Charity


If you don’t mind not getting any money for your junk car and you just want to dispose of it, one option is to donate it to charity. When you give your car, the organization can repair it and take care of it so that the care can be used. If it’s no longer roadworthy, the organization will be able to make money out of it by selling the parts. Donating to charity is a good way to properly dispose of your junk vehicle. 

Final Thoughts

When planning how to get rid of an old vehicle, do check with your state on the laws regarding proper disposal of junk cars. For many places, the best way to do this is by selling the old vehicle to a junk car removal service. 

Most of these services will be able to give you a quote for your old car. They will then inspect the condition of the car and then get a towing service to move it. As long as you are accurate about your description of your old car, you will most likely get a good amount of money for it. 

Don’t let a junk car sit in your property or garage. As soon as you’re no longer using it or it’s just not safe to drive it anymore, dispose of it so that you don’t have to worry about it slowly rotting away in your property. 


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