Five Signs Your Car Is Due For A Tire Change


Dealing with your car tires should not be as complicated. It does not take an expert mechanic either to figure out if your tires are due for replacement. Never take your car tires for granted. Keep them well-maintained, have them checked from time to time, and take charge when it’s time for a change. 

What signs do you have to watch out for then? If you don’t want to get stuck in the middle of the road or get into an accident because of your tires, here are five things you need to remember:

Check the tires for possible punctures

If you come across one, make sure to have the affected tire replaced with the spare before you head out. It is never a good idea to drive around with a damaged tire. Bring the punctured tire to a specialist for a proper diagnosis. Don’t forget to make sure that the spare tire is properly inflated and in good running condition.


Watch out for worn-out treads

Michelin, the world leader in car tires, recommends that tires be changed when their tread reaches the depth of 1.6mm. If you can’t bring in the car to a  specialist for checking, look into your tires, and you will see when it needs changing. The treads of the tires keep your vehicle on the road, so never take another day before you have them changed. 

Damaged Sidewalls

Damaged sidewalls should be a clear indication that the tires need replacement. These damages can be incurred when you take a turn and hit the curb or hit any other obstacle.damaged sidewalls are not only unsightly, but they can affect the overall tire pressure too. This means less efficiency in fuel use. When you notice sidewall damages on your tires, make sure to have it checked immediately.

Abnormal Wear

Abnormal wear of one tire is a clear indication that it needs replacement as soon as possible. However, it could also be an indicator that you need to have your wheel alignment checked or tire pressure. Be sure that the newly mounted tire is correctly balanced with all the rest to ensure a smooth and safe ride. If you’re not sure if the wearing of the tires is just right, a specialist can help you decide. 


Tires’ Lifespan

Lastly, take note of the lifespan of your tires. There might be no visible damages. That’s why car owners need to take note of the lifespan of their tires. Never risk driving out with a worn-out tire. Treads should always be visible. Most experts recommend a change in tires be done every ten years or sooner if the vehicle is used for long drives. Don’t worry about the upfront costs. After all, it is always best to be safe than to be sorry. 

Tires are one of the most important parts of the car, and yet it is one of the most neglected. Sometimes, car owners only remember to have their tires checked when something bad already happened. Don’t wait for things to get worse. Get the tires checked regularly for your own safety. 


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