Celebrity Skin Secrets: 5 Flawless Tips For A Youthful Glowing Skin


Hook: A dermatologist to the stars and select celebrities share their secrets to flawless skin no matter what age or background.

Flawless skin is the one standard that celebrities cannot disregard. Being under the public eye means that these beautiful men and women’s appearances are often subjected to scrutiny. That is why they need to have strict skin and body regimens to help them look perfect during public appearances.

Protecting From The Sun

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The sun may be a great source of vitamin D, but too much of it can lead to skin damage. Whether you sunbathe or hide from the sun, your skin will need an excellent sunscreen. Now, what sunscreen to buy?

According to California-based dermatologist Dr. Will Kirby, you should find a sunscreen with the description “broad spectrum.” He further states that you should find one with a formula with a minimum SPF factor of 30.     

Ashley Greene from the “Twilight Saga” has signed up with Avon as an endorser and is known for her pale skin. She swears by using a sunscreen every day and uses under-eye cream. 

Eating And Exercising Right

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They always say that you are what you eat. In the modern world, what you eat is reflected in your skin. Eating food like tomatoes and blueberries are rich in antioxidants will work wonders for the skin.

Anne Hathaway has such beautiful porcelain skin and credits it to drinking 10 to 12 glasses of water every day. Water is excellent for the skin, and Hathaway adds exercise three times a week to maintain her flawless skin.

Exercise does not only keep you from gaining weight, but it also increases the body’s blood flow, so nutrients are delivered to the skin. It also makes the body sweat, which is excellent in getting rid of toxins from the body. Regular exercise gives you a rosy glow.  

Regular Cleansing

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Halle Berry believes that cleansing the face twice a day is the way to go. She uses cleansing solutions with fruit acid for exfoliation of the skin. Skin exfoliation helps get rid of dead cells that can make the skin look dull. She also says moisturizing is needed to achieve that natural glow.


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One celebrity with luminous skin is Cate Blanchett. She may be 40 with three kids, but that does not mean she neglects her skin. She is also a spokesperson for SK-II.

You do not need to purchase the most expensive moisturizer to get your skin looking that good. Find a moisturizer that works on your skin and stick to it.

Shimmering and Bronzing

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Once you have done all that you can to get that flawless skin, you can add one last touch—shimmer. 

Beyonce revealed in an interview in Elle magazine that her secret to giving her skin that velvety sheen is layers of bronzers. 

Bronzers can give your skin that golden brown look. Bronzing also helps conceal blemishes, skin pigmentation, and spider veins. It also reduces the appearance of cellulite, giving your skin that even and toned look.


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Hook: A dermatologist to the stars and select celebrities share their secrets to flawless skin no matter what age or background.

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