Beauty Secrets Celebrities Learned From Makeup Artists


Hook: In these modern times, when women have learned to put makeup on for any occasion, makeup tips are little gold nuggets of knowledge.

In the show business industry, makeup artists and actors have formed bonds that go beyond the professional level. Celebrities are always in need of the services of makeup artists for all occasions. Whether it is a movie scene, premiere, or red carpet event, makeup artists are the go-to for all their beautifying needs.

This intimate yet professional relationship between a makeup artist and client has given celebrities insights and knowledge about the makeup industry. Celebrities have learned techniques here and there in the makeup process. They are also just as generous as their makeup artists to share what they have learned themselves.

Adding Oil To Foundation


Makeup artists like Ariel Tejada and Patrick Ta are known to use the Beautyblender. If you watch them at work, you will observe that they moisten their Beautyblender and use their skills to use the same to make magic.

Adding oil to a foundation is actually a neat trick that does wonders or the face. The oil adds a certain luminosity, and celebrity faces exhibit a glow that is nicely captured by cameras.

Cameras are so high end these days that they capture every makeup detail in full pixel glory. That’s why it’s essential to have flawless makeup and a natural-looking glow to make that perfect red carpet look come to life.

No Sponges


The gorgeous Hailey Bieber, a niece of Alec Baldwin and wife of Justin Bieber, has picked up a foundation trick that she is willing to share. She noticed how many makeup artists actually put the foundation on their hands and rub their hands together. They apply the foundation on the face by pressing it on the skin without sponges or brushes. She has noticed ” a nicer, more natural glow to the skin.”

Concealers As Primers

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Eva Longoria was only eager to share what she learned when it comes to using makeup. It’s a tried and tested trick in repurposing a makeup element—the concealer.

According to Longoria, she uses the concealer as a base for her eyelids. The eye shadow sticks longer in place to the eyelid. It has proven to be quite convenient for her because it’s one less makeup product to bring with her since she always has a concealer in her bag.

Lighting Up The Eye Pencil


Model Padme Lakshmi has always been interested in beauty since she was young. Even more so when she entered the modeling industry.

As a high schooler, she learned a nice little trick into turning a hard eye pencil into a soft and creamy eyeliner. Back then, she and her classmates couldn’t afford the softer eyeliners, and so they resorted to heating up their eye pencils for easy use.

Karlie Kloss says it’s actually a great idea that can be applied to lip liners. Lighting up the makeup product can actually be very hygienic. She went to say that if you had a cold the last time you used your lipliner, heating it up can disinfect the liner.


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Beauty Secrets Celebrities Learned From Makeup Artists

Hook: In these modern times, when women have learned to put makeup on for any occasion, makeup tips are little gold nuggets...

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