6 Of The Weirdest Looking Cars Ever Made


Hook: From fast cars to big cars, the automotive industry has it all. Having said that, did you know that there are several ones considered oddities in the automotive world? Here’s a list of the most bizarre-looking vehicles in the world.

picture credit: https://www.autocar.co.uk

When you see the cars on the street, you might think they’re boring, and all look the same. Even different brands have similar designs, and you might think to yourself that they are nothing but a box on four wheels. Also, if you might see the occasional curvy car, most of them have a few lookalikes. 

What you probably didn’t know is that some car designers have outlandish ideas that produce bizarre-looking results. Considered to be a rarity, you won’t see any just roaming the streets. 

If you are a car aficionado and been meaning to expand your collection, then these vehicles would add a little more fun and variety in an otherwise mundane world.

There are so many funny-looking cars out there. However, to keep the list specific and short, we chose weird-looking vehicles that actually made it to production, not just concept cars.

6 Of The Weirdest Looking Cars Ever Made

1. BMW Isetta

picture credit: https://assets.hemmings.com

Most popular around European countries, the BMW Isetta looks like a cute car that is perfect to stroll around the city. This “bubble car” is tiny and has oval windows, not common in most cars. But its excellent gas mileage and a rear rack for cargo prove it can be reasonably efficient and not more than just a mere attraction.

2. Vanguard-Sebring CitiCar

picture credit: https://farm9.staticflickr.com

The Vanguard-Sebring CitiCar may be tiny but is considered revolutionary. As it was built in the ‘70s, it was one of the first electric cars ever made. Additionally, it was the highest produced electric car of the time. 

3. 1961 Amphicar Model 770

picture credit: https://uncrate.com

Many have dreamt of flying cars, but little have thought about ones that could run on water. As the name suggests, the Amphicar Model 770, with less than 4,00 units produced, could work on both dry land and water. Although performance wasn’t its strong suit, no one can deny this is a weird but unique car. Maybe with a few improvements, it could be one of the cars of the future.

4. 1962 Peel P50

picture credit: https://i.ytimg.com

At first glance, you’d think the Peel P50 is a toy car. However, it actually runs and it was patronized for a while. This tiny three-wheeled car was in production from 1962 to 1965 and still holds the Guinness World Record for the smallest car ever produced.

Aside from being able to carry just one person and a bag, the Peel P50’s other bizarre feature is that it has no reverse gear. So, space and reversing are two problems you will encounter with this automobile. But either way, this car offers a unique twist to the automobile.

5. Mercedes Popemobile

picture credit: https://images.hgmsites.net

The Pope is one of the most influential people in the world. So naturally, visibility and security are a priority for him. Luckily, the Mercedes Popemobile can cater to those priorities. This particular vehicle has bullet-proof glass encasing the Pope in a raised back seat. The car comes wiith an extensive hydraulic system and a small flight of stairs.

6. Stout Scarab

picture credit: https://www.tflcar.com

The Stout Scarab got its name from its odd-looking exterior. To many, it looks like a bug or an elongated version of The Beetle by Volkswagen. With only about twelve units produced, this vehicle is a rarity. But its structure revolutionized present-day vehicles, as it is considered the first-ever minivan.


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